NVQs in Radiation Protection for Nuvia Health Physics Staff

NVQs in Radiation Protection

NVQs in radiation protection

The NVQs in radiation protection are a fairly new award, designed to replace the City and Guilds Radiation Safety Practice Stage 1 qualification. Nuvia is one of the industry’s leaders in providing the infrastructure for staff to undertake this qualification as well as offering it out on a commercial basis to external organisations.

The NVQ Level 2 in Radiation Protection became a live award in April 2008 with the awarding body remaining with City & Guilds. The NVQ assessment process involves the candidate, the NVQ assessor, the Internal Verifier and an awarding body External Verifier, in this case City and Guilds.

Nuvia is a registered centre at Dounreay to offer the C&G NVQs in Nuclear Decommissioning Levels 2 and 3, so the NVQ2 in Radiation Protection was added to our centre there.

The advantages of the NVQ system over the college based system is that people are not taken away from their workplace and projects for long periods of time which can impact on resources and minimum manning levels for contracts. The benefits to staff are that they get a formal qualification by proving their abilities; it demonstrates a true level of SQEP.

From the end of March 2010 City and Guilds no longer offered the Radiation Protection or the Nuclear Decommissioning NVQs. Instead the new awarding body, PAAVQ-SET, took over for the Radiation Protection Level 2 and 3 NVQ (QCF), Nuclear Decommissioning Level 2 NVQ (QCF), Award for Nuclear Industry Awareness (ANIA) (QCF). Nuvia has centre approval with the new awarding body.

The structure of the NVQs is changing as well as the awarding body. The qualifications will become NVQ QCF (NVQ with Qualification and Credit Framework). The QCF has a credit based structure, where candidates have to achieve a minimum number of credits to be awarded the qualification at the applied level. These levels are: Awards which require 1-12 credits, Certificates which require 13-36 credits and Diplomas which required 37+ credits. Our NVQs (QCF) are for Diploma level. The number of units requiring completion has doubled from the City & Guilds NVQ as PAAVQ-SET have formalised the underpinning knowledge element of the NVQ.

In total 16 Nuvia staff registered to complete City & Guilds NVQs in Radiation Protection with five at both Harwell and Dounreay and six at Windscale – twelve of them have now achieved their qualification with Caroline Pratt from our Windscale Health Physics team who joined the Company in 2007 as a trainee Health Physics surveyor being the first in the Country.

The External Verifier said:
"I met Caroline Pratt and her supervisor. She has now completed the NVQ 2 course (I had already reviewed her portfolio) and spoke to them both. They were very happy with how the training and assessments had been carried out. Caroline Pratt is the first candidate to complete the course for Nuvia and the quality of her portfolio was excellent."

Health Physics Team

The picture shows some of our Health Physics team receiving their certificates.

From left to right Amanda Stannett, Nuvia Qualified Assessor; Shaun Pithie; Anthony Whitehead, Mike Parker, Director, Health Physics; Ashley Reynolds, Richard Pateman; David Aldridge


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