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Harwell | Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)

This is a two-day course for those wishing to become Radiation Protection Supervisors. The content of the course covers the “core of knowledge” training for appointment as a Radiation Protection Supervisor as specified by the Health and Safety Executive.

The course ends with a written assessment and issue of a certificate for successful delegates who should by then:
• Understand the role of the Radiation Protection Supervisor and the legal obligations of radiation employers.
• Understand the nature and properties of ionising radiation.
• Be familiar with the units used in radiation protection.
• Be familiar with the biological effects of ionising radiation and to have an appreciation of the associated risks.
• Be aware of different types of radiation monitoring equipment and its correct use.
• Understand the importance of personal dosimetry and dose limits.
• Understand the differences between internal and external radiation exposure.
• Be familiar with UK radiation protection legislation.
• Be familiar with risk assessment procedures and their importance when drafting local rules and contingency plans.


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Price (ex. VAT): £679.00

Course Duration: 2 Days

Upcoming course dates:

06/02/2019 at Harwell in Oxfordshire
15/05/2019 at Harwell in Oxfordshire
11/09/2019 at Harwell in Oxfordshire
04/12/2019 at Harwell in Oxfordshire

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